Founded in 2016, the International Piano Foundation is an operating foundation dedicated to advancing piano performance and educational initiatives around the world through advanced education, grants, scholarships, events and other financial/administrative support. The IPF currently supports three specific programs in Lake Como, Italy: International Piano Academy Lake Como, the Lake Como Piano Summer School and the future Lake Como Piano Festival. The mission is to bring together world renowned artists and teachers to share their varied philosophies, artistry, aesthetics and performance techniques in order to educate and inspire gifted musicians who have the demonstrated potential to develop important international careers. We offer artistic education rich with global influence and of the highest standards in musical performance.

Our work consists of embracing the advanced artist, one who has successfully begun a career with clear evidence of mastery, and delivering a series of personally attuned additions to the technique, mindfulness, professional needs, and theoretical preparedness each artist needs. The traditions of piano mastery have long roots in varying styles that have proven significant over decades and centuries. IPF intends to conserve these great traditions and transfer them to the next generation and beyond, assuring the world of one source of learning that carries these creative flames into the future.